The difficulties of starting a blog: Less is more and frequent is even better!

So it’s been nearly 4 months since I started this blog and since then I have struggled to move on with it and develop it further.  This is not through lack of interest or ideas but simply because I have struggled to devote time to it and have found adapting to the style of writing required for blogging difficult.  The process of responding to something quickly enough to make an up to date and interesting blog post is very different to the style I am currently required to use for my work.  As a young researcher I work to write papers that can be published in peer-reviewed journals. This is a process which requires working with a number of authors and through a process of sometimes seemingly endless reviews.  With a blog post I do not have any collaborators or the time for many revisions.  This difference has led me to start a number of posts but then not have the courage to hit that publish button.

Despite these difficulties in starting out I remained committed to the idea of blogging about green issue and convinced of the enjoyment and benefit I would get out of it.  With this in mind I decided to take the blogs, twitters, wiki and other web-based tools course run over the last 2 months by the library at Imperial College London.  The course started with a 2 hours introduction and then consisted of online modules at  The course provided an introduction to web 2 technologies and convinced me further of the benefit of using such tools for scientists and research students.  The course also provided me with opportunity and necessity to practice my blogging skills.  This has made me realise that a blog post does not need to be a great piece of  literature or a full report but it does need to be current and informative.  With this in mind I have decided that I will focus on producing shorter but  more frequently and instantaneous blog posts so that I can build up my posts and begin to develop my skills.  I am sure that developing the ability to adapt my writing skills will be just one of the many benefits I get out of writing a blog.  I’m looking forward to getting properly started, stay posted to see how I get on!


About Alexandra Collins

I am a young researcher working at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. My current work is on the sustainable management of aquatic resources and ecosystems. I have a deep interest in this and a wide range of other environmental issues. I enjoy keeping up to date with environmental news, volunteering for a number of charities, swimming and making the most of life in London!
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