Welcome to my blog!

I am a young researcher working for the Centre for Environmental Policy in London.   In this blog I would like to share my enthusiasm for the natural world and provide a stimulating commentary on environmentally related current affairs and green living.  By doing this I hope to encourage consideration for the natural world and promote interest in tackling environmental issues.

Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about the environment and have always wanted a career working to protect and promote the importance of the natural world. I’m not sure how my interest in the environment started or when, but by the time I was ten I had persuaded my school to set up a nature reserve and was organising for my friends to help clean up a local park. 

Throughout school I was fascinated by science and the natural world in particular.  This led me to study biological science at the University of Bristol, where I enjoyed studying animal physiology and behaviour, evolution, ecology, and conservation in much more depth. 

Upon graduating I went to work as an environmental consultant at a large engineering firm, giving me hands on experience of promoting the environment in the commercial sector.

I then completed a sponsored MSc in environmental Technology at Imperial College, graduating with a distinction.  This was a really stimulating time for me, giving me a much wider appreciation of environmental issues and approaches to tackling these.  The course furthered my interest in environmental policy and decision-making and encouraged me to pursue these areas further. 

Since then my work has been looking into the management of aquatic ecosystems. I find this a fascinating area due to the importance of aquatic ecosystem services to both humans and the wider natural world, the complexity of issues affecting water quality and the need to balance a wide range of interests when managing aquatic ecosystems.  Although this is the main topic of my current work I have a broad interest in all environmental issues, including air quality, energy efficiency, climate change, waste reduction and environmental rights and justice.  I enjoy keeping myself up to date with any developments to do with these topics and I hope this blog will provide a useful summary of my reading and experiences.

Thanks for taking interest in my blog, I hope it is useful and interesting. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. 

Best wishes,



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